Legal services for non-residents

Legal services for non-residents, which are provided by lawyers of LF “Authority of law” are directed on legal support of non-resident persons and foreign companies, organisations and representative offices.

Among this direction, we can separate out some basic services, which LF “Authority of law” is specialized on.

There are: 

Legal support of non-residents  while doing a  business in Ukraine: 

• advising on investment, support while choosing the optimal scheme of economical activity on the territory of Ukraine, the creation/reorganization of enterprises with foreign investment

• consulting of foreign companies on issues of corporate, commercial, tax, labor, customs law of Ukraine 

• drafting  and creation of contracts; 

• collection the necessary information about the business partner; 

• obtaining the permission documents; 

• legal support in import and export operations; 

• legal support in pre-trial settlement of disputes; 

• support in  legal process  and  execution of court decisions; 

• creation of cooperation schemes; 

• legal support for companies with foreign investments or the foreign representative offices in all other legal issues. 

Representing of non-residents in their relations with the  public authorities 

• obtaining  an identification number for a non-resident person;

• legal support in obtaining the Ukrainian citizenship.

 Foregoing list of legal services is not definite, experts of LF "Authority of law" will render other legal services related with the realization of the activities of nonresidents  in Ukraine.


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